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Core technologies and Markets

Irida Labs provides high-fidelity software components and systems in Computer Vision, using state-of-the-art Image Processing and Machine learning techniques. Software made for any CPU, GPU or DSP platform or a combination of them using heterogeneous programming techniques.
Our product and technology portfolio includes embedded vision software for high throughput applications for Computational Photography and Visual Perception/Analytics addressing various markets such as mobile devices/tablets, action cameras/drones, surveillance, automotive industrial and robot vision etc.


Latest News

Machine Learning
Deep Learning - An overview and how Irida Labs uses this technique to develop effective solutions for computer vision applications
Embedded Vision Alliance Summit
Meet us in Embedded Vision Summit, Santa Clara, CA USA 2-4 May 2016. We will proudly demonstrate our latest technological achievements in embedded computer vision.
CDN live 2016
At CDNLive - Cadence User Conference - Irida Labs will present its experience on using the Vision P5 processor for developing innovative solutions in embedded computer vision